Do-It-Yourself Visualization (DIY Viz) is a multimedia data visualization tool combining augmented reality with tangible interaction. The installation consists of two parts: (1) physical components: the board and buttons, which represent different data points about over 150 countries, and (2) an augmented reality application. The user places buttons on the board and explores 3D visualizations using the augmented reality application.  This project presents a novel approach to information design by introducing a spatial visualization medium and immersive interaction models. 

The first release of DIY Viz includes two data kits; Country Space and Migration Space. The first kit, Country Space, invites users to map countries in an immersive environment based on different indicators such as population, happiness score, and human development index. The second kit, Migration Space, lets users create virtual flow maps with the country buttons. Twenty buttons in total are divided into two categories; origin counties (largest countries of origin of refugees) and host countries (countries hosting the largest number of refugees).