Nil Tuzcu is an urban technologist, designer and researcher with a background in software development, urbanism and architectural design. She specializes in spatial data analysis and visualization in a variety of media from interactive multimedia platforms to immersive experiences. She is the creator and developer of Istanbul Urban Database, the most comprehensive digital city archive of Istanbul (Read CityLab Article here).

For the last two years, she worked as a Technology Lead and Research Fellow with Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of Urban Studies Displacement Research Group (DRAN), and as a Research Associate with Harvard-Mellon Urban Initiative, Harvard University Graduate School of Design. With DRAN she developed interactive mapping platforms that document displacement and gentrification in cities, and web/mobile based crowdsourced data applications. At Harvard-Mellon, she worked on multimedia storytelling tools that utilize spatial and historical data. 

She has taught urban and design studios at the Boston Architectural College as an Adjunct Professor and organized workshops at MIT. 


  • Technology Lead & Research Fellow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Displacement Research Group, 2015 - 2017
  • Research Associate & Web Developer, Harvard University Mellon Urban Initiative, 2015-2017
  • Research Assistant, Massachusetts Institute of Technology School of Architecture and Planning. 2014 - 2015
  • Urban and Architectural Designer, NBBJ, 2011-2014


  • Invited Speaker, "The Making of Istanbul Urban Database", Koc University ANAMED Annual Symposium, 2017. 
  • Invited Speaker, "Istanbul Urban Database and Future Plans", Duke University History Department, 2017 
  • Selected Ignite Talker, Digital Media and Learning Conference, University of California Irvine, 2017
  • Invited Workshop Organizer and Lecturer, "Ways of Storytelling in an Interactive World", !F Istanbul Film Festival, 2017
  • SALT Grants Presenter, "Multimedia Storytelling Platform: I am Istanbul", SALT Grants Presentations, 2016
  • Invited Speaker, "Mapping Technologies for Urban Segregation",  MIT International Development House, 2016 


  • Special Program For Urban Studies, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2015 [Specialized in urban information design and analytics]
  • Masters Degree in Architecture, Urbanism and Media, Cornell University, 2011 


  • Tuzcu, Nil, Cagri H Zaman (2015), “The implementation of pattern recognition in urban morphology,” in the proceedings of the Twenty-Second International Seminar on Urban Form (ISUF 2015), Rome, Italy, 18-23 September 2015

  • Tuzcu, Nil (2015), “An Inquiry into Socio-Spatial Segregation: The Case of Syrian Urban Refugees in a Turkish Border City,” in the proceedings of the Association of European Schools of Planning Congress (AESOP 2015), Prague, Czech Republic, 13-16 July 2015

  • Tuzcu, Nil (2015), “Le Corbusier in the United States of America”, Betonart (Original Article in Turkish), Invited Author for the Special Issue, vol. 46, pp. 22-23

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