I gave an invited talk at the Center for Geographical Analysis at the Harvard University, titled as 'Geospatial Visualization in History Research' http://gis.harvard.edu/events/seminar-series/abcd-gis


My research, titled "Multilayered Interface for Geographical Information",  has been accepted to the Human-Computer Interaction International 2018. I will present my research in Las Vegas, Nevada 15-20 July 2018. http://2018.hci.international/


After the release of Istanbul Urban Database Version 2.0, the project was featured in Arkitera. http://www.arkitera.com/haber/29809/haritalar-ile-istanbul-un-evrimi


I co-taught a design studio at NuVu Innovation School. The studio focused on designing and prototyping devices for people with disabilities. http://www.nuvustudio.org/


I was an invited speaker at the Duke University History Department for the workshop - Urban Topography and Political Economy in the Middle East – A Digital Humanities Workshop Comparing Istanbul and Cairo November 20-21, 2017. For more information about the event:  https://sites.duke.edu/topographyandeconomy/home/description/

I was an invited speaker at the Koc University Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations for ANAMED's 2017 Annual Symposium - Spatial Webs: Mapping Anatolian Pasts for Research and the Public. For more information about the event: https://anamed.ku.edu.tr/en/12th-international-anamed-annual-symposium


Featured in CNN Turk News (February, 28 & March, 1) http://www.cnnturk.com/tv-cnn-turk/programlar/10dan-sonrasi/1-mart-2017-carsamba 

Interview with Bi_Ozet https://bi-ozet.com/2017/03/10/soylesi-amac-oznel-bakis%CC%A7-acilari-ve-s%CC%A7ehre-dair-alt-okumalar-yaratmak/

Interview with Boss Magazine March 2017 Issue

Featured in Arredamento Mimarlik March 2017 Issue 


Interview with Gila Benmayor, Hurriyet http://www.hurriyet.com.tr/yazarlar/gila-benmayor/kaybettigimiz-istanbulu-teknoloji-ile-yasatiyor-40379553

Interview with Ekometre: http://www.ekometre.com/nil-tuzcunun-hayalindeki-ben-istanbul/

I am Istanbul and September 1955 were exhibited at !f Istanbul 2017 http://www.ifistanbul.com/en/if-tomorrow/


CityLab article about Istanbul Urban Database http://www.citylab.com/design/2017/01/istanbul-turkey-maps-through-history/512123/

Interview with Gaziantep Sabah Daily Newspaper: http://www.gaziantepsabah.com/hayalimdeki-ikinci-durak-dogdugum-sehir-gaziantep.html


I presented 'I am Istanbul' at Salt Research, Istanbul. Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-spgPaxfx4


September 1955 is exhibited MIT Keller Gallery. For more information: https://sap.mit.edu/exhibit/keller-gallery/september-55


As part of my ongoing research on digital spatial humanities, I launched a new online data platform: http://www.istanbulurbandatabase.com/

JUNE '16

September 1955 received funding from Council for the Arts at MIT (CAMIT). For more information: http://arts.mit.edu/

MAY '16

My new project titled 'I am Istanbul', a digital spatial humanities platform, has won Salt Research Grant 2016. For more information: http://saltresearch.org/


In support of Just Cause Eviction Campaign in Boston, I launched a new data collecting and mapping platform serving as an advocacy tool, which is needed for improving policy and helping the work of grassroots organizations in the gentrified neighborhoods. Visit demo version of the platform: http://www.dotsquare.net/displacement/


My research paper for AESOP 2015 has been selected as Best Congress Papers in Track: Planning in and for Multicultural Societies.

I am teaching a new course titled "Computational Ethnography and Spatial Narratives of Urban Space" with Cagri Zaman at the Boston Architectural College.


I am collaborating with Miloon Kothari (former United Nations Special Rapporteur on Adequate Housing with the UN Human Rights Council) on his class "Responding to Displacement: Strategies, Methods, Tools, Outcomes". We are conducting research on history of gentrification and urban development of Chinatown, Boston. 

I am teaching a new course titled "Reactive Making" with Cagri Zaman at the Boston Architectural College.

JULY '15

My research on Syrian Urban Refugees has featured in Boston Globe by Stephen Kinzer on his article "On Turkey's border, chaos looms".


I gave a talk at The International Development House (I-House), Massachusetts Institute of Technology titled as "Mapping the Socio-Spatial Segregation".


I launched a new multimedia tool "Urban Layers" that explores idea of thick mapping on Istanbul. The interactive platform can be reached at historymaps.meteor.com.